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Oscar Valdez-Robson Conceicao – LIVE Results From Tucson, Arizona

Lindolfo Delgado dismantled an overmatched opponent to remain undefeated Friday night in Tucson, Arizona.

The Mexican junior welterweight prospect battered Miguel Zamudio for almost four full minutes, until referee Robert Velez decided he had seen enough on the Oscar Valdez-Robson Conceicao undercard at Casino Del Sol’s AVA Amphitheater. Delgado dropped Zamudio with a right hand early in the second round and their scheduled eight-rounder ended soon thereafter.

Delgado (13-0, 12 KOs) rocked Zamudio with a right hand and sent him to the canvas with another right 27 seconds into the second round. Zamudio made it to his feet, but he appeared defeated as Delgado hammered away at him.

Velez quickly stepped between them to halt the action 50 seconds into the second round.

The 30-year-old Zamudio dropped to 45-18-1 (28 KOs). He is 1-5 in his past six fights, including five losses by knockout or technical knockout.

A low blow by Delgado caused a brief break in the action with about 1:15 to go in the opening round. Once Zamudio recovered and the action resumed, Delgado continued his vicious assault on him.

Delgado previously wobbled Zamudio with a right hand 45 seconds into their fight. Delgado landed various head and body shots over the next minute-and-a-half.

In the previous fight Friday night, Rene Tellez Giron landed numerous hard head shots against Eduardo Garza, yet it was Giron’s quick, vicious left to his opponent’s body that abruptly ended their lightweight fight.

Giron’s punishing body blow prevented Garza from getting off the canvas before referee Rocky Burke counted to 10. The official time of the stoppage was 44 seconds of the seventh round.

Mexico’s Giron, who upset highly touted prospect Karlos Balderas in December 2019, upped his record to 16-1 thanks to his 10th knockout. Garza (15-5-1, 8 KOs), of Mission, Texas, has lost three straight fights.

Giron’s vicious left to Garza’s body sent him to his gloves and knees 28 seconds into the seventh round. A temporarily paralyzed Garza tried to get up, but he couldn’t come close to beating Burke’s count.

Giron drilled Garza with a deceptive right hand a little less than a minute into the sixth round. Garza cracked Garon with left hook in the final minute of the sixth round, but Giron waved him forward.

The best exchange of the fifth round occurred against the ropes, which Giron initiated by landing a left hook. Garza responded with a hard right-left combination that made Giron back off.

Giron landed a right-left combination that backed Garza into the ropes just after the midway mark of the fourth round. Giron then unloaded four straight left uppercuts that landed to varying degrees.

Garza clipped Giron with a flush left hook of his own toward the end of the fourth round, but Giron took it well.

Giron caught Garza with a right uppercut early in the third round. Garza got good extension on his right hand with just under 30 seconds to go in the third round, but Giron clearly won that round.

Giron continued to land the harder shots with more frequency during the second round, including an overhand right while Garza was backed against the ropes.

A sweeping left hook by Giron, which came from an awkward angle, landed flush and the most punishing punch of the opening round.

In the first fight on the undercard, Omar Aguilar made quick work of Carlos Portillo.

The hard-hitting junior welterweight prospect dropped Portillo three times on his way to a second-round knockout. Mexico’s Aguilar knocked Portillo to the canvas once late in the first round and twice early in the second round.

Referee Tony Zaino stopped their scheduled eight-rounder 55 seconds into the second round, as Paraguay’s Portillo struggled to get up from his gloves and knees.

The 22-year-old Aguilar improved to 22-0 and scored his 21st knockout. Portillo (22-4, 17 KOs) lost a second straight bout by knockout and slipped to 1-4 in his past five fights.

An aggressive Aguilar pounced on Portillo early in the second round.

His overhand right sent Portillo to his gloves and knees 25 seconds into the second round. Portillo got up before Zaino’s count reached eight, but he didn’t last much longer.

Aguilar’s left uppercut then made Portillo take several steps backward. He took a knee with 2:16 to go in the second round, pawed at his right eye and Zaino halted the action.

Aguilar’s four-punch combination sent Portillo to the canvas just before the opening round ended. Portillo beat Zaino’s count and the round ended before Aguilar could hit him again.

Keith Idec is a senior writer/columnist for BoxingScene.com. He can be reached on Twitter @Idecboxing.

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